Bitcoin edges toward respectability

The virtual currency Bitcoin is still a long way from gaining public acceptance and trust. It has many issues – liquidity and stability being two at the top of the list


Hackers, cybercriminals and organised crime

The nature and extent of cybercrime is far from being understood by the majority of the UK public. The biggest threat comes from organised criminal networks who operate Crime as a Service (CaaS) scams.  I recently spoke to some people who have gotten very close to these gangs and have observed their behaviour. It’s time we […]

Why #blackbrunch will fail

No-one should doubt the seriousness of the protesters disrupting upper end restaurants across the US in the name of civil rights. But as far as protest movements go, it’s unlikely to reap any great results. For a protest to be effective it requires two primary elements: Focus – the campaign needs a goal to be […]