About time too

After much thought and consternation I have finally joined the blogosphere in my own right. As a writer and journalist writing ‘for free’ has never been that appealing to me. I have written plenty of blogs for others but not for myself. However,  my numerous social media chums have finally persuaded me that there is a point afterall. Therefore, I have started this blog to showcase my own work, the rather impressive work of my colleagues and collaborators and, of course, to host my own thoughts and musings (arguably my best work, but things my clients do not wish to publish).

Currently I am living in Birmingham, a city which has come on nicely in the past few years. There’s some cracking stuff going on around here, so this blog will be a platform for some of the best things taking place in this fair city.

Finally, I should point out that this blog ‘is a conversation’. Feel free to comment, pass judgment, hurl abuse or offer me rewarding commissions.



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